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Trinity Rose Medical Clinic an integral part of Didsbury since 2012

Trinity Rose Medical Clinic strives to bring all patients the best quality medical care. This starts with the bright and friendly atmosphere and carries through with the attentive and friendly staff. We embrace the medical home model by having in-house access to a social worker and complex care nurse. Trinity Rose employs 5 doctors who assist clients from infancy right up and through geriatric care. Call us at +403-518-8762 to book your appointment today.

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Jordan Ward

Dr. Smith is one of the best doctors that I've been to in a long time. Diagnostics is also an area that she excels in. She found out what was causing my back problems. The staff at Trinity Rose Clinic are a great team!

-Anonymous from
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Cynthia Munoz

Dr. Smith and the staff at Trinity Rose Clinic are excellent. I've been going to her before she received her Doctor of Medicine degree and still think she is an excellent doctor. She's just starting out on her career and hopefully she will stay in Didsbury.I would leave more stars, but five is all that is allowed.

-Anonymous from
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Polyclinic definition

I have been going to Dr. Smith since she has been in Didsbury and find her quite competent in her profession.

-Anonymous from
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